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How to catch Pompano in the Florida Keys

Fishing for pompano in the florida keys is usually best in the winter months.  When the waters begin to cool down and are in the 70-75 degree range which often starts in November through February.  These fish can be found in the open gulf and bays, muds in florida bay, as well as in some of the cuts and run-offs in the backcountry nearer to flamingo and the mainland of florida.  Pompano fishing is not always happening, but often if you find fish in an area and conditions remain relatively unchanged, they will usually be there for some days to come.  One tactic for finding them is to look behind your boat as you run, pompano will often skip in the wake and you will visibly see them as your running.  Catching pompano in Islamorada usually just involved fishing light tackle jigs tipped with shrimp.  A small bucktail (yellow often works best) is deadly, with a nice chunk of shrimp to tip the hook for scent.  You can also use trollrites with shrimp as well.  If you see a any large mud try drifting through it and working the jigs, often pompano will be mixed in with trout, ladyfish, jacks, and other assorted species.  Fishing for pompano in Islamorada often takes place in runoffs and cuts as I also mentioned.  In the winter time these areas often experience a negative tide and you'll see the bare flats all around.  The cuts will usually be fairly muddy in color and have a mix of trout, ladyfish, snapper, redfish, and possibly snook mixed in.  It takes some time but once you find some where pompano hang out, they are sure to be there again when given relatively the same conditions so take note.  Try moving around if your not catching them in one area, sometimes moving as little as 50 feet can make a difference.  Islamorada pompano fishing also can be good in the gulf of mexico where we fish spanish mackerel a lot at these times of year.  They will be mixed in with the mackerels, again try a little lighter leader with a bucktail, however be wary if the mackerels are too thick you will get bitten off!  Catching pompano in the florida keys is the most fun on very light tackle.  These fish don't grow very large, but are hard fighters similar to permit - only smaller.  They are often mistaken for small permit, however small permit usually have much longer black colored fins and a more roundish appearance.  Don't over tackle them and you'll have a blast!  One nice thing on an islamorada pompano charter is your catching fish that is very tasty.  You can filet them like any other fish, or cut them into plugs leaving the skin on.  Good luck on your quest to find out how to catch pompano in Islamorada!  Keep the islamorada pompano fishing in your plans for next time you go fishing!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

Instagram: @richardstanczyk
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