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Bud N' Mary's Fishing Marina is located in Islamorada, Florida, The Sportfishing Capital of The World!  It was established in 1944, and over the years has been one of the most famous sportfishing destinations in the world!  It is home to over 40 of the finest offshore captains and backcountry guides.  We also have a spectacular party fishing boat, the Miss Islamorada.  There is also a great dive shop, boat rentals, motel, boat storage, transient dockage, and tackle store.  We will be posting fishing related events, catches, media publications, and overall news concerning Bud N' Mary's here, so keep tuned in!  You can contact Bud N' Mary's at 1-800-742-7945 or e-mail us:



Welcome to our Florida Keys Fishing Reports section.  Here we will be posting all the catch reports both offshore and backcountry around Islamorada and the Florida Keys.  Our captains will post individual reports and we will have overall marina reports.  If you've fished out of Bud n' Mary's Marina, tell your captain to write a fishing report and we will post it for all to see!  Better yet - e-mail us the fishing report and pictures (please try to reduce the size to under 300k).  Remember all captains can be booked through Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Charters by calling 1-800-742-7945Islamorada Fishing Reports vary year round, so check back often! Thanks!

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4/11/17 April Backcountry Fishing Report

April is moving right along and it's been full steam ahead tarpon fishing in the everglades and locally around Islamorada.  Fishing has been decent we are just coming off of a late season cold front that made fishing a little slower the last week/weekend, but water temperatures are getting back up to where they should be now.  Unfortunately the wind has been howling and is scheduled to keep doing so throughout the week, so this has made things a little less comfortable and also kept the water from really getting back up to wear the fish are often super happy.  I've tarpon fished pretty much all of my last several trips, today I had Carl and Buck and we caught a couple nice tarpon locally on a half day, and they also fished with me 4 days ago and each caught one that day as well though we had to fish all day for two bites.  Over the weekend return customer Chester fished with me with his nephew Ruben, and they caught two tarpon on Saturday, and a nice mutton snapper for dinner, and another tarpon on Sunday in the backcountry along with a couple sharks and some nice mangrove snappers for dinner.  Roy and Tye fished with me yesterday all day and we had a tough morning, not being able to find much for tarpon or sharks, we had bailed for a bit to try and catch some trout and caught a few though even that was tough at that point.  I asked them if they wanted to go for the home run and keep trying for tarpon, which they did, and it proved to be a good call as we caught several tarpon in the backcountry along with some big blacktips and a big lemon shark, all in the last couple hours of the day.  You can keep up with my personal daily tarpon reports at islamoradatarpon.com.  Capt. John Johansen has reported a steady tarpon bite locally in the evenings, as well as a few fish in the backcountry channels as well.  Capt. Skip Nielsen has had some tarpon action both locally and afar too.  Capt. Mark Hlis had a nice tarpon on fly today for angler Tom from Grand Rapids.  Capt. Chris Daly has had some good tarpon action locally around the bridges and some of the channels in the last week.  Capt. Gunner Guthrie has had some nice tarpon and good mangrove snappers lately, as well as some nice hogfish over the weekend when it slicked out saturday afternoon.  Capt. Mike Bassett caught a 'mud marlin' locally both the last two days as well as a big tarpon yesterday.  Capt.  Bill Bassett and Capt. Jim Willcox both had some tarpon locally several days ago too around the bridges.  As you can tell it's the tarpon time of year and most guides will be focusing on that primarly, though of course there are other options especially on the days when tarpon seem tough to catch so dont be afraid to ask.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


3/31/17 End of March deep sea fishing report

I'm currently out of town but I wanted to give everybody an updated fishing report for the recent deep sea fishing off Islamorada at the end of March 2017. Boats have been on the reef and wrecks for the most part, with a couple venturing further offshore. On the reef there's been a good bite of yellowtail snapper witha few mutton snapper in the mix. The gon fishin v had a mutton that weighed 18 lbs on a recent charter. Some king mackerel have been around too. There's been a lot of black grouper caught and released, hopefully they stick around till May 1st when season opens up again. Some cobia finally showed up for a few days, with fish in the 20 - 45 lb range. There's been a few sailfish around most days, but we are nearing the end of the season when we catch them with consistency. This is typical spring time fishing with a variety of fish being caught, and conditions changing on a daily basis. If the wind and current line up just right expect some good sailfish and cobia action. A few boats ran into some mahi, and we should only start seeing more each passing week. There was a good run of blackfin tuna both outside the reef and on the humps offshore. The Catch 22 caught a nice swordfish one day last week that weighed in at 139 lbs. Things have been busy at the marina but give them a call to get in on the action! 305 664 2461 to book your fishing charter!

Tight Lines 

Capt. Nick Stanczyk 


3/26/17 Late March backcountry fishin' report!

March is almost over it's hard to beleive but here it is.  The early spring has yielded some decent fishing overall.  The tarpon bite has been up and down, we had one hard late cold front about 10 days ago and that slowed them down for a little bit.  The last few days though things had picked right back up.  I myself had a banner day in the everglades, we had a very big day landing quite a few tarpon and putting many more in the air.  It was slick calm and the water temps had started to warm up nicely.  The last few days the wind kicked up again but the tarpon have still been around.  We caught a couple yesterday in the backcountry along with some sharks and plenty of trout, and today we caught a couple locally around town on a half day along with more sharks and a couple big jacks.  Previously I had taken a week or so off to welcome my son Felix into the world, he and mom are both very happy and health so we are thrilled.  Though elsewhere on the water Capt. Mike Venezia had reported some tarpon action locally around town too.  He also got a couple permit last week, one nice fish that was over 30 lbs!  There had been a few hogifsh on the patches too, he along with Capt. Dave Peck and Capt. John Johansen had reported a handful of hogfish along with a few snappers and porgies on the patch reefs.  It hasn't been red hot out there, but if you work around the various rocks and coral heads, you can usually pick a few quality fish and have some other rod bending action too.  In the backcountry the trout bite has been very good still, lots of good size trout in the bays.  Capt. Dave Sisung and Capt. Al Polofsky had some nice trout the other day, they also both caught tarpon in the backcountry a few days before that.  Capt. Bill Bassett ventured deep into the backcountry yesterday, 50 miles or more, and they said they had epic fishing for snook and redfish in very shallow water.  Capt. Jim Willcox had a nice bonefish yesterday morning.  Capt. Gunner Guthrie reported a couple tarpon locally around town this morning as well.  Capt. Skip Nielsen has had some good tarpon fishing as of late too, he also reported some monster bull sharks and goliath grouper in the gulf the other day.  He had a big goliath get eaten by the sharks too.  This coming week looks to be a good one - we have the winds lightening up and the waters warmed back up into the high 70 degree range.  A perfect recipe for good tarpon fishing!  There were plenty of fish in the backcountry the other day, and I saw a bunch today in a few areas that I fished locally.

Capt. Rick Stanczyk



3/19/17 March Offshore/Reef fishing report

We had a pretty strong cold front last week with temperatures in the high 50's. I really was hoping it would spark the sailfish bite, but there was just a few here and there for the offshore fleet. The Reel McCoy had 3 releases one trip, a handful of boats had 1 fish on a couple trips, and a lot of boats put in a few hours a day targeting sailfish without any luck. If the current and wind line up just right we should see some big numbers if we get our "spring time tailing condition", but we can't predict the conditions and if/when it will happen. I'm sure we'll continue to see a few sails here and there. A lot of king mackerel moved in the past week, with a few really nice size ones in the mix. There's been some in the mid 30 lb class and Gimme Jimmy weighed a 40 lber. We've seen a few mahi and blackfin tuna as well. This time of year we usually see a little bit of everything, but not always a ton of one thing. There's been amberjacks on the wrecks and humps, as well as some sharks for fun. 


The bottom fishing has been very steady. Some boats have caught giant yellowtail snapper up to 6 lbs and mangrove snappers up to the same size! There's also been a few mutton snapper in the mix. I'm hoping the grouper stick around till May 1 st, because a lot of boats have reported catching and releasing some nice black and red grouper. A couple boats also found schools of cobia, and hopefully we see more and more of them the next few weeks. We've seen a ton of barracuda on the reef too. 


Give the marina office a call when you're ready to book your Islamorada Offshore fishing charter and we'll set you up! 305 664 2461 

Tight Lines 

Capt. Nick Stanczyk 


3/13/17 Early and Mid March Deep Sea Fishing Report 

We're in full swing for "season" now here in Islamorada. Lots of boats have been fishing every day as tons of people are down on spring break and on vacation. A couple weeks ago we had a few days of very windy weather where all the boats canceled their trips, but the past few days have been nice. We have a late season cold front on its way now, but it shouldn't affect us too bad. Now that it's spring here we are seeing a wide variety of fish on the edge of the reef. For a few days we had a color edge with blue water meeting dirty greenish/white water. There was strong east current on the blue side and very little current on the dirty side. We call this a tailing conditiion, and tons of different fish migrate down the waves.  We saw a pretty good bite of sailfish for four days, a few cobia, some scattered mahi, a few wahoo, blackfin tuna, and the Relentless even caught a big white marlin on it! The conditions faded the last couple days with the wind switch and current dying out, but now that we are in the transitional period of fishing here each day can be very different. 

The bottom bite has been good almost every trip. A couple days the yellowtail bite slowed down, but most of the boats haven't had any problems catching a bucket full for dinner. We've seen a few more mutton snapper than I expected lately as well, and a couple real big ones in the mix. Grouper season opens May 1st, so we have been releasing the black and red grouper we've been catching. Amberjacks are open for harvest now, so we've seen a handful on the dock since March 1st. A lot of people release the amberjacks too. 

Way offshore I made it out on two daytime swordfish trips. One trip was very slow without any bites, and the other trip we fought a big fish for 45 minutes and unfortunately pulled the hook. We did get a few big queen snapper one trip too.  I'm hoping this cold front sparks the sailfish bite again the next few days. There's been some big sharks caught and released lately and we've seen quite a few king mackerel on the dock. Give the marina office a call at 305 664 2461 when you're ready to book you're Islamorada Fishing Trip and we'll set you up on a great boat! 

Tight Lines

Capt. Nick Stanczyk