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1/17/18 Mid January Backcountry Islamorada Fishing Report

January has brought a lot of colder weather to the keys which is definitely not unusual.  Actually I think we've had some of the coldest weather we've had here probably since the cold snap of 2010!  Though it hasn't stayed cold we've had some warmups in between, and no signs of any major fish kills due to the weather which is a good thing.  We've been up to the usual winter time stuff and it's been fairly good for the most part, even catching fish when the water temperatures have dipped down to the low 50s in some areas!  Some of the deeper creeks and canals have had a good amount of black drum in them, with snook, redfish, sheepshead, and trout mixed in.  The reds and drums really don't mind to seem the cold, the snook have been fairly good though usually better when things have warmed up slightly in the afternoons, or a day or so after it's gotten very cold.  It has been very busy back in those areas though and seems most days there are a handful of areas they are biting well, and many other areas where you are picking away, with the weekends obviously being more busy.  When it's been calmer we've been able to get out on the open water more.  There are still plenty of spanish mackerel around in the gulf, with some other fish mixed in like bluefish, big ladyfish, snappers, and more.  Tripletails had been on the buoys pretty good too out there.  The patch reef fishing has been good too with a lot of various snappers out there, including lots of lane snapper which are great to see.  The hogfish seem to be slowly making a comeback, though of course they are still out of season so no keeping them.  Snapper fishing around the islands had been good though better when it's been a little warmer.  Live pilchards have led to some bigger snappers, with the occasional snook, redfish, or baby tarpon mixed in.  Capt. Skip Nielsen has been getting on the snook and drums in the back pretty good lately.  Capt. Mike Bassett had some nice snook this past week, yesterday he said fishing was very good in the back.  Capt. Bill Bassett has had very good fishing deep in the everglades with some of the same stuff.  Capt. Mike Venezia has reported the same, mix of drum, redfish, and snook in the 'glades.  Capt. John Johansen has been fishing the patch reefs and had good luck out there.  Capt. Jim Willcox had some nice drum and snook the last week, including a big 20 lb drum today.  Capt. Dave Peck and Capt. Max Gaspeny were out fun fishing with Deborah who works in the tackle shop and she got a nice 20 lb permit a few days ago!  I had three generations of Stevens out yesterday, we stayed local for the day as they wanted sharks and dinner.  We had decent shark action despite the cold, and some mackerels, bluefish, lane snappers, porgies, and a hogfish and a cobia... not a bad mixed bag!  We are getting another cold front tonight as a matter of fact and dropping back down around 50 degrees for a couple nights.  But then next week things to be warming back up to close to 80 during the days.  If we get some stable warm weather, could be an early start to our tarpon season as often happens in February... but you never know for sure.  Busy season is right around the corner, give us a call if you'd like to get out there and go fishing!  The 'winter time' cold weather stuff will be over before you know it!  305-664-2461

Capt. Rick Stanczyk
Instagram: @richardstanczyk
Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

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