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Bud N' Mary's Fishing Marina is located in Islamorada, Florida, The Sportfishing Capital of The World!  It was established in 1944, and over the years has been one of the most famous sportfishing destinations in the world!  It is home to over 40 of the finest offshore captains and backcountry guides.  We also have a spectacular party fishing boat, the Miss Islamorada.  There is also a great dive shop, boat rentals, motel, boat storage, transient dockage, and tackle store.  We will be posting fishing related events, catches, media publications, and overall news concerning Bud N' Mary's here, so keep tuned in!  You can contact Bud N' Mary's at 1-800-742-7945 or e-mail us:



Welcome to our Florida Keys Fishing Reports section.  Here we will be posting all the catch reports both offshore and backcountry around Islamorada and the Florida Keys.  Our captains will post individual reports and we will have overall marina reports.  If you've fished out of Bud n' Mary's Marina, tell your captain to write a fishing report and we will post it for all to see!  Better yet - e-mail us the fishing report and pictures (please try to reduce the size to under 300k).  Remember all captains can be booked through Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Charters by calling 1-800-742-7945Islamorada Fishing Reports vary year round, so check back often! Thanks!

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11/18/14 November Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Report

The winter is settling in we've had very nice weather with a few warmer days and an incoming cold front as I type which should help our florida keys backcountry fishing in november.  In the everglades the snook and redfish fishing has been fair, we had some real good fishing after the last front but as of late it hasn't been the red hot fish-every-cast action but still good for the most part.  Snook have been in the run-offs and around the mangrove-laden shorelines ready to eat pilchards and shrimp especially when it is cooler.  The redfish the last week have thinned out and personally I've seen a lot of puppy drum, not the big 6-10 lbers as was around after the last front.  We had good fishing the last couple times back there.  With the warm weather several days ago we had a good day catching shark and tarpon too, landing 2 tarpon and several sharks.  Tarpon are a possibility when the weather is warm and calm, though often not something you can plan on doing and having success with much this time of year- we were really shark fishing and happened to get a few lucky bites.  The spanish mackerel have started getting a bit more consistent, back on the edge of the gulf around sprigger bank and beyond.  The water is clear but the fish are there, if we are not finding them within 20 minutes it's usually best to move a bit further out.  November gulf fishing islamorada is a good bet when it is calm, there have been a handful of tripletails and cobia out there.  Capt. John Johansen has had some good mackerel fishing the last few days back there, as well as out front on the patch reefs with a big variety of species.  Capt. John also had some shark and tarpon action the other day, catching a nice tarpon around flamingo with sharks as well before being chased home by weather.  Capt. Skip Nielsen reported the same, real good fishing on the patches.  Plenty of groupers including legal red groupers, hogfish, porgies, bar jacks, cero mackerel, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, and more.  Lots of baby amberjacks on the deeper patches too.  It is a great option for a half day trip right now.  Capt. Chris Daly had some good fishing a few days ago in the back, with some nice snappers around the islands with some snook as well as small grouper.  Capt. Mike Venezia the other day reported some puppy drum redfish around some of the islands around flamingo.  Everglades fishing in the winter should get better with the impending front.  Capt. Bill Bassett had some good mackerel fishing in the gulf yesterday too, and Capt. Dave Morris on the FishWife had some nice cero mackerels today on the patches.  The pilchards on the shorelines have still been catchable most mornings, though not always easy.  A good head start leaving early can help with that.  Fishing should stay good and even get better with the chill down we are getting tonight.  Dropping to a nice 60 degrees.  Give Bud n' Mary's a call if your looking to get on the water at 305-664-2461, we have plenty of islamorada fishing guides ready to put you on the fish!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk 


11/17/14 Mid November Islamorada Reef Fishing Report

We're more than 1/2 way through November and we are starting to get into our winter time fishing groove. Most of the offshore charter boats in Islamorada have been focusing on the reef and wrecks. The boats have been live baiting using kites and slow trolling, as well as some sight fishing just inside the reef. Sight fishing here in the Florida Keys for sailfish is very exciting, and you don't always find them, but when you do find a sailfish (or a pack of them) in 25 - 40' of water it's an amazing sight! The sailfish bite has been a little on and off this week, but there's pretty much been atleast a couple released amongst the fleet each day. A few days most the boats had 1 release and a few had 3 or 4. In November and December was often see packs of fish, and you may fish all day without a bite, and then all of a sudden there will be 4 or 5 sails chasing your baits, and if you catch them when the opporunity comes up, you'll have a great day. (Even if you don't catch them it will still be a good day on the boat, away from work!) The wind has been switching directions quite a bit the last week which is partially why the sailfish bite has been on and off. I think after this next cold front this week we'll start seeing more consistency and hopefully the fish move in up and down the reef. There's been a few blackfin tuna, a couple mahi, a couple wahoo, and a few kingfish also caught on the live baits. The boats that have been bottom fishing for more constant action have been doing well most days with yellowtail snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, a few grouper, and some cero mackerel. These are considered by many to be the best eating fish in the ocean, and you can take the fish you catch to almost any restaurant in town and get it cooked up. There's still been a few broadbill swordfish around way offshore if you want to try your luck with a specialty trip, and we also caught an interesting billfish yesterday while letting our bait down for swords. We are unsure if it was a roundscale spearfish or a white marlin. It was a nice suprise nonetheless! The next few weeks here are prime time to go fishing on the reef, so give us a call in the office at 1 800 742 7945 and we'll find you a great charter!

Tight Lines,

Capt Nick Stanczyk

Capt. Joey took 2 of his kids out one afternoon and they caught a few nice tuna on the kites!

This billfish ate our swordfish bait, I'm not positive if it's a roundscale spearfish or a white marlin

The Reel McCoy caught this nice wahoo while live bait kite fishing

Chad holds up 1 of 4 swordfish we caught on the Bn'M II the other day

Capt. Wes from Strictly Business had some nice mutton snappers today!

The Kalex found this nice wahoo in the morning, and then late in the day they managed a triple header sailfish!

The Buzz On had plenty of action and great dinners while bottom fishing the Reef

The Relentless released this feisty sailfish a few days ago and it made some great jumps on the leader

The Fearless had a mixed bag with a sailfish release, a couple mahi, a few tuna, a king, and a few bonito



11/11/14 Backcountry Fishing Report for mid November

The inshore fishing of the florida keys backcountry remains pretty good.  Water temperatures are staying cooler and we've continued having some lighter 'cool' fronts after the one good cold front a little over a week ago.  Snook fishing in the back remains steady around the mangrove islands, shorelines, and runoffs on the low tides.  They have been happiest feeding on pilchards, though when the water temps dip below 70 shrimp has worked wonders.  You can find a mix of drum and sheepshead in many of these same areas this time of year and they all love shrimp.  We are seeing more redfish in the deeper creeks and canals of the cape sable area, and many of the runoffs in the backcountry continue to hold fish, however is best when we have cold fronts and negative tides.  Capt. Skip Nielsen had a good day of mutliple species including jacks, mackerel, snook, and a very large goliath grouper.  While the mackerel have not been very consistent in the usual areas, Capt. Skip reported getting into a good bite in the near gulf of the backcountry in dirtier water.  Capt. Rick Stanczyk had a couple good half day trips of snook fishing, boating double digit fish each time though they had to work hard for them with the live pilchards.  Sharks have also been somewhat of an issue if you don't get the snook to the boat quickly.  Never stick your hands in the water especially when your in the backcountry or gulf and cannot see the bottom.  Capt. Rick also reported good patch fishing a couple days ago, with plenty of porgies, snappers, some nice hogfish, and juvenile grouper.  Capt. Daniel Biondoletti had a very nice size snook several days ago fishing with his customers around flamingo, one of the larger specimens seen recently!  Way to go!  Capt. Bill Bassett had some nice hogs as well fishing some patches further west and out of the usual areas.  Capt. Chris Daly today had his son Fisher out he caught this stud jack crevelle.  Capt. John Johansen reported some good snook fishing and nice jacks a few days ago as well, using live pilchards.  Capt. Perry Scuderi had some good fishing around flamingo yesterday too they had snook and redfish to report.  Looks like nice weather this week we may possibly be getting some of the tail end of the big cold front that is currently crossing the US, however probably not until the end of the weekend or so.  Remains to be seen what it will do but shouldn't hurt the fishing for us!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


11/10/14 Islamorada deep sea/reef fishing report

It's starting to feel like winter time here in Islamorada. We've had our first couple cold fronts of the season, and the temperatures have dropped just enough to really spark the reef fishing! The sailfish bite turned on for a few days, and it should only get more consistent as we get into winter. A lot of boats had 1 or 2 sailfish releases on full day charters, and a couple boats have had even more. The Cloud Nine released 5 sailfish yesterday, the day before that Predator released 5, and a few days prior both the Fearless and Kalex released 4. The snapper bite on the reef has still been very good, with lots of yellowtails and a few muttons. The kingfish really haven't moved in in big numbers yet, but there's still a few around the wrecks. We should see some more groupers caught this week I imagine with this cold front passing through. There's been a few mahi here and there, but they most likely will be a bonus/suprise fish from this point on. Not many boats have been going to the humps to try for blackfin tuna the last week. I'm sure there are still some around out there, but the boats live baiting (slow trolling and kite fishing) on the wrecks and edge of the reef have picked off a few nice blackfin. The weather looks great this week, so if you're ready to book your Florida Keys Fishing Charter, give the office at Bud N' Mary's Marina a call at 1 800 742 7945 and we'll find you a great boat! I also made it out swordfishing a couple trips, and one trip we missed a few bites, but yesterday we caught 2 broadbill swordfish. The next few weeks are still some of the best to try for swords.

Capt. Nick Stanczyk

Capt Joe Hendrix holds up a sailfish for a quick pic before release

1 of 2 swordfish caught on the Bn'M II on a swordfish charter

A great pic of a sailfish before becomming airbor from Capt. Paul from the Relentless

Mixed bag aboard the Bn'M where this young man caught sailfish, tuna, snapper, mahi, grouper and more!

Jumping sailfish aboard the Buzz On

Deep dropping in 700' of water produced this tasty tilefish on the Gimme Jimmy

Young angler Hanna and her first keeper red grouper on the Man O War


11/5/14 November Backcountry Fishing Report

We had the first real cold front and the water temperatures in the islamorada backcountry have finally really dipped down.  They got into the high 60s a couple days and now that the fish have adjusted a bit and it's warmed slightly, fishing is pretty good.  Redfish, snook, sheepshead, and drum are making their presence known.  The last few days the bottom of the tides have been good in many of the channel runoffs and creek ditches for drum, and on the higher water in the afternoons when things warm up the shorelines are fairly active with snook.  The last couple days Capt. John Johansen reported steady action with snook and redfish in the mornings, today he got some big lemon sharks in the afternoon too.  Capt. Bill Bassett said they had multiple nice size reds in the mornings yesterday too.  Today Capt. Dave Morris on the Fish Wife said they had some nice snook around the islands in the afternoon too fishing live pilchards.  Yesterday we had a handful of redfish and black drum in the morning and one nice snook, the afternoon slowed down but we had steady action with ladyfish, jacks, and trout.  Today fishing was good myself and Capt. Jeff Beeler had a two boat trip with Craig and the gang.  Fishing was steady throughout the whole day we had nice redfish in the morning with a handful of snook and sheepshead and other fish.  Then the afternoon we fished out towards the cape and some more reds and snook as well.  Funny thing several spots I fished today had plenty of fish whereas yesterday there were none, sometimes a day makes a big difference this time of year with the water temperatures and such!  Also a couple days ago I had Karen Johnson and Sandy Jerome out from Dillons Pub in Tavernier.  They had a great morning catching lots of porgies, a few hogfish, some snappers, and sharks.  Had a great meal for lunch prepared by Dillons!  Tomorrow we may switch things up and try the mackrels in the gulf if the wind allows, that should be starting to get good though I haven't had any reports yet.  The winds are suppose to let up for a few days but looks like another cold front is coming towards the end of the weekend.  Doesn't look as cold this time, but keeping a consistent chill should keep the backcountry fishing good.  November is a great time to be fishing in the Florida Keys!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk

 Great hook & cook fish meal at Dillons in Tavernier!