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Bud N' Mary's Fishing Marina is located in Islamorada, Florida, The Sportfishing Capital of The World!  It was established in 1944, and over the years has been one of the most famous sportfishing destinations in the world!  It is home to over 40 of the finest offshore captains and backcountry guides.  We also have a spectacular party fishing boat, the Miss Islamorada.  There is also a great dive shop, boat rentals, motel, boat storage, transient dockage, and tackle store.  We will be posting fishing related events, catches, media publications, and overall news concerning Bud N' Mary's here, so keep tuned in!  You can contact Bud N' Mary's at 1-800-742-7945 or e-mail us:



Welcome to our Florida Keys Fishing Reports section.  Here we will be posting all the catch reports both offshore and backcountry around Islamorada and the Florida Keys.  Our captains will post individual reports and we will have overall marina reports.  If you've fished out of Bud n' Mary's Marina, tell your captain to write a fishing report and we will post it for all to see!  Better yet - e-mail us the fishing report and pictures (please try to reduce the size to under 300k).  Remember all captains can be booked through Bud N' Mary's Florida Keys Fishing Charters by calling 1-800-742-7945Islamorada Fishing Reports vary year round, so check back often! Thanks!

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12/18/14 Inshore Fishing Report December Florida Keys

It's getting close to christmas and things are picking up.  After the short lull between thanksgiving and christmas, it's getting much busier here in Islamorada.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous - light winds and nice brisk air, with sunny skies to warm you up in the afternoon.  The fishing has been pretty great too.  We have just come off a weak tidal cycle as we had a couple days with little current/tidal flow that made fishing a little tough though still caught some good fish.  Capt. Bill Bassett, Capt. John Johansen, and Capt. Rick Stanczyk had a group trip a few days ago.  Spanish mackerel were chewing well and everyone caught their fair share.  We finished up with a mixed bag of fish on the patch reefs including hogfish, porgy, snapper, jacks, and cero mackerel.  Capt. Lonny Shaw today had some gigantic hogfish including one almost 5 lbs on the patch reefs!  Great fishing out there!  Capt. Jim Willcox just finished filming a couple days for a new TV show for 2015.  They got footage catching MONSTER black drum back at cape sable one day, and then some good action with snook and redfish yesterday.  Today Capt. Rick Stanczyk was back there they had great fishign with snook, redfish, black drum, sheepshead, and even got a 50 lb tarpon to the boat but it ran and jumped off before they could get pictures.  Capt. Vinnie Biondoletti had some redfish and snook, as well as some big jack crevelles in the backcountry around flamingo.  Capt. Mike Venezia has had some good backcountry action with similar fish, as well as some action out front on the patch reefs with porgies, hogs, and small grouper his last trip.  Capt. Chris Daly had some good fun fishing and sight fished a couple bonefish the other afternoon as well!  The weather looks to be nice through the weekend into next week.  If your down here before or during the holidays, book a trip now as after xmas it becomes a zoo down here.  Just about everything that floats will be booked!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


12/16/14 Mid December Reef Fishing Report

It's the heart of December here while fishing in Islamorada. The weather has been great the last few days and looks to be great the next few too! There's been a variety of fish being caught each day as well. The last 2 days multiple boats have found big schools of cobia following stingrays, releasing some fishing and keeping a handful in the 20 - 35 lb range. I think with this calm weather the next few days we'll see some more hanging up each day. When fishing for cobia you have to have lots of patience, it's like hunting. You can spend hours searching for fish inside the reef, where they follow big stingrays, but if you find them, it's worth the wait! They are one of the hardest fighting fish we catch! The sailfish bite slowed down the last week here, but this afternoon seemed to pick up a little. Last weekend a couple boats in the fleet released a fish or two each day, and yesterday there was one release between all the boats. But this afternoon (after a pretty slow morning) we released 2 sails and the Relentless did as well. We have strong northeast current on the reef which is usually very good for sailfish, so hopefully we'll get a body of fish in here any day and the sailfish bite will get consistent again like it was in Early December! The conditions are definitely right! There's been a couple wahoo caught the last few days here, and a fair amount of king mackerel each day. With the current into the wind and clear water the bottom fish bite has been a little difficult, but the boats have been able to scratch up enough snapper and white meat fish for dinner between the patch reefs and wrecks. We have also seen some nice amberjacks in the 30 - 45 lb range on the deeper wrecks! The Reel McCoy has been very consistent catching black grouper his last few trips as well. Yesterday the Catch 22 caught one broadbill swordfish around 60 lbs and also caught a pair of nice mahi, including a 40 lb Bull! Definitely a suprise for mid December! It looks like its going to be a busy week here next week before Christmas, and a super busy week after Christmas, so call us in the marina office to book your next deep sea fishing charter! 305 664 2461!

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


Sailfish on the leader aboard Relentles. It's best for the fish to get a picture while they are in the water

Gimme Jimmy with a big wahoo, cobias, kingfish, and jacks

Sailfish release on the BnM II.

Big mutton snapper on the Relentless

The Reel McCoy with a rack full of mackerel and grouper



12/12/14 December Backcountry Fishing in the Florida Keys

Brr it's chilly here in the south Florida Keys but the fishing has been red hot with the latest cold front to push through this december in islamorada.  Yesterday the winds laid down to almost nothing just a light breeze of 5 mph out of the north in the morning, switching to the southeast in the afternoon.  We ran out into the gulf in the morning and caught the start of the falling tide.  After chumming for a bit we had the spanish mackerel biting very good and it was all the action you could handle for a solid hour and a half.  Most fish in the 3 lb range though a handful of 5 lbers.  Fishing the gulf of mexico is a good bet on calm, cool days such as this and you don't have to beat other boats to the 'hot spot' as can often be the case on busy days in the flamingo area.  After we had our fill we went to flamingo and hit a few spots I haven't been too in a while.  It was nice as we did not see any other boats in the first area I hit, and fishing was spetacular.  We had a solid snook bite for a good hour or so, plus got a handful of redfish and sheepshead.  After that we hit some of the channel run-offs on the end of the falling tide, but did not do much else... but still a spectacular day florida keys inshore fishing in december.  Capt. Skip Nielsen had Tom and Wendy Sims, long time Bud n Marys customers, out the day before.  Not quite as nice a day wind wise but it wasn't too bad fishing the nearby patch reefs.  They got some nice hogfish for the cooler, plus plenty of other fish including a variety of snappers, gorgeous trigger fish, and other patch species.  Capt. Mike Venezia had a couple days filming with Copout Adventures.  They had a good day in the backcountry a couple days ago with redfish, trout, sheepshead, and sharks.  Then yesterday hit the florida keys patch reefs for hogfish, porgies, lane snappers, and some mutton snappers.  Capt. Bill Bassett several days ago reported a backcountry slam in the afternoon they caught plenty of snook, a few redfish and sheepshead, and topped it off with a 30lb tarpon on light tackle.  Capt. Bill also had some very nice size mangrove snappers yesterday and a few juvenile groupers off of a sunken boat they found in the nearby gulf of mexico.  Capt. Jeff Beeler had some good patch fishing yesterday as well with some nice hogfish for the cooler.  My brother Nick and our friend Capt. Dave Peck who visits in the winter from NC for a few months had a good day in the east cape sable fishing.  They had solid snook action in the morning with several nice size fish.  This weekend looks to be nice weather it should start slowly warming up though the winds are suppose to stay light to moderate out of the north.  Business is picking up and the phones are ringing, christmas week is just around the corner.  If your looking to get out fishing islamorada in december, give us a call we can get you out on the water!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk


12/10/14 Offshore Fishing report for Islamorada 

It's definitely winter time here in Islamorada now! It's a chilly 57 degrees this morning, but the sun is out and the boats are too! Last Friday to Sunday was the 51st Islamorada Sailfish Tournament, which is a 3 day tournament and the first leg of the Florida Keys Gold Cup Sailfish Championship. It was an exciting event, but in the end Capt. Paul Ross on the Relentless led his teama to victory with 16 releases! They caught and released a quadruple header the final day to secure the top spot!

Capt. David Morris, who runs the "fishwife" at the marina, was running the Nancy Lee for the tournament and they finished with 15 releases, giving them 2nd place. We are always impressed with how well the Bud n' Mary's Team does in tournaments, so when you're ready to fish with some of the best in the business give the office a call at 800 742 7945 and we'll set you up to catch that fish of a lifetime! The sailfish bite has been steady the past week here. The boats that dedicated their entire day to sailfishing have had as many as 7 and 9 releases, with most the boats averaging 2 - 4 releases. I think the sailfish bite should remain steady for the upcoming weeks, so if a sailfish is on your bucket list, book a trip soon! Another exciting fish story was aboard the Buzz On. They started off on the reef catching snapper and a grouper, and then went out in the afternoon to try for a sailfish. They spotted a pair of wahoo swimming and managed to hook and land both of them, one being 50 lbs and the other being a monstrous 80 lbs! That's the biggest wahoo I can personally remember here!!! Congrats! You really never know what you'll catch on a fishing trip off Islamorada.

There wasn't many mahi or tuna reported lately, but the king mackerel have been starting to show up, and I think we'll start seeing a few more wahoo brought in too. The bottom fishing for snapper and grouper has been steady as well. Remember grouper season closes January 1st, so if you have a taste for grouper, better go catch them soon! Give us a call at 800 742 7945 and book your next fishing trip for this winter!

I was gone the past week so I missed out on the fun with the Islamorada Sailfish Tournament, but I did go to a really cool place near Golfito, Costa Rica. It's called the Zancudo Lodge, and I particated in the 4th annual Pelagic triple crown tournament. It was a 3 day tournament and our team won first place in the rooster fish division with 15 releases, 2nd place in the billfish division with 7 sailfish releases, and 2nd place overall in the tournament. The lodge is an incredible place, so if you ever find yourself going to Costa Rica, check them out! www.zancudolodge.com

Capt. Nick Stanczyk


12/7/14 Florida Keys Inshore Fishing Report

December fishing in islamorada is rolling on and the weather today was fabulous.  The winds layed down somewhat yesterday after having a string of windy days out of the eastern quadrant.  Luckily much of the backcountry is protected so it hasn't stopped us from getting out on the water, though there has been a little lull in business as the time between thanksgiving and christmas sometimes is just slow for us.  But a few guides have been getting out every day and fishing has been decent overall.  The florida keys winter backcountry fishing has been productive with a mix of redfish, snook, black drum, sheepshead, trout, and some othe stragglers.  Most of the drum fishing has been really hot post-cold front, which we have already had several, and looks like Tuesday night things will cool down for several days.  This should be really good conditions for the backcountry stuff.  Capt. Vinnie Biondoletti today had a very nice large snook, plus they even got a 125 lb tarpon on his islamorada inshore fishing trip!  Capt. Jim Willcox had good fishing back there several days ago as did Capt. Jeff Beeler - with a mix of drum, sheepshead, and snook.  The gulf has been very lively too, the mackerel fishing has still been really good of course it hasn't always been pretty though as long as the winds aren't howling many of the smaller skiffs can even stick their nose out there.  The half day trips have often revolved around the islamorada patch reefs, or getting around the local mangrove islands especially on windy days.  Todays we had a good mixed bag of porgy, snapper, hogfish, bar jacks, and more.  Capt. Bill Bassett reported very good patch fishing the last few times he was out.  They found the big lane snappers and had a pile full for the cooler - very good eating and a treat for us!  This next week as I said looks to cool down, which should be great for all the stuff we like to fish for this time of year.  Give Bud n' Mary's a call we'd love to get you out on the water!

Capt. Rick Stanczyk