4/6/14 Lil Bud' the Cat update
Sunday, April 6, 2014 at 09:32PM
Capt. Nick Stanczyk

Hey Everybody,

I know it's been a while since we have updated everyone on our furry friend "Lil' Bud", so here's the latest report. He healed up to what we believe to be 90% percent better after his accident last September. He had serious injuries after being hit by a car, but the Vet's at Island Paws took great care of him during the surgeries and made him practically new! He has the slighest limp when he walks, but he still gets around very well. A few different people took care of Lil Bud the last few months, bringing him to the marina about 4 days a week to see everyone and hangout. When we let him out of the cage something just didn't seem right though. He seemed scared and was hesitant to roam around. And I can't blame him because it's a busy place, with lots of people and lots of cars. So we all asked each other "what would be best for the little guy?". Of course most of us wanted him to be the little king of Upper Matecumbe Key, but all of us worried that he might get hurt again. Lil' Bud was very lucky after his first accident, where he suffered a broken hip socket, a shattered pelvis, and ligament damage in his legs. So we were faced with the decision of letting him roam the docks or finding him a a good home. After a few weeks of contemplating we thought it would be best to give Lil' Bud the safer life in a home environment, and we found the right person for the job! The secretary's daughter absolutely fell in love with Lil Bud after taking care of him the last 6 months on and off, and we knew he would get plenty of attention and affection over the upcoming years by the young high school girl. She also has a few other pets and he gets along great with them! I hope everyone is happy with the decision that we have made, and we want to THANK EVERYONE that helped him get his surgery and really gave him a second chance at life! We haven't forgot about Lil Bud's mom either. Mama Mary has made herself right at home. She gets lots of attention while relaxing in the tackle shop most days. She's not as adventurous as her son, so we think she will have a long happy life on the docks. Once again thanks to everyone who helped Lil' Bud out, and we hope you think we made the right decision with Lil' Bud's future home.

Lil' Bud in his new home : )

Mama Mary in one of her favorite napping spots in the shop

Mama Mary making herself right at home on the stool inside the shop


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