Bud n' Mary's sweeps the Gold Cup Sailfish Series! 
Friday, January 24, 2014 at 10:05AM
Capt. Nick Stanczyk

Yesterday was one of the most exciting days here fishing in Islamorada in a long time. It was the one day winner take all Islamorada Fishing Club Sailfish tournament, which is the last leg of the Florida Keys Gold Cup Series. The sailfish bite had been pretty tough this past week, with just a handful of fish caught between all of the charter boats at the marina each day. Yesterday though, some of the guys were in them! Capt. George from the Reel McCoy, would take first place on private boat Swagger, with 7 releases. Second place also had 7, which went to Last Dance. With 10 minutes to go in the tournament, team Relentless would hook a double header. They wound up catching both fish, to give them 7 releases for the day and put them in 3rd place for the Fishing Club Tournament. Going into the day we had the Catch 22 leading the Gold Cup Series with 30 releases, followed by Relentless with 26 and Swagger with 25. Capt. Scott on the Catch 22 released 1 sail early yesterday to go to 31 overall releases, but then lost the next few fish. At 3 pm Capt. George on the Swagger would jump to 32 releases. At 3:50 p.m. it was looking like George and his team were on their way to their first Gold Cup Championship, but then Relentless hooked up. First a single, then a double. But they lost one quickly. But then a minute later they were back to a double header. They released one of the two and were tied with Swagger, but they still had one fish on the line. Lines were out of the water now, but you could still fight a fish after lines out if you were hooked up before 4 p.m. Well at 4:17 pm Relentless released their last sailfish, giving them 33 releases overall in the Series, and Capt. Paul's 5th Gold Cup Championship! Great Job to the Bud N' Mary's Boats taking first, second and third place to sweep the series!

Team Relentless wins the 2014 Florida Keys Gold Cup Sailfish Championship

Capt. George with his team on Swagger win the IFC sailfish tournament and take 2nd in Gold Cup


Capt. Paul took the Gold Cup Championship in the last few minutes. Capt. Scott had a head start going into the final day, but Team Relentless stayed true to their name to beat Swagger and Catch 22

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